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Brian J Twiddy was born in Kent, where success in a national young people’s story competition sparked his interest. He has been an actor for many years, and following the establishing of Arty-Fact theatre company in 2001, with Yvonne Peacock, has written, a published series of 20 history playbooks, and 23 original plays and adaptations for young people.

His first novel, Blessing, will be available later in 2023.


Two young illegal immigrants, Dev, with aspirations and irresistible charm, and Adey, his amoral friend, who negates difficulties for money, are brought to London. Dev is happy to bend the law, Adey to break it. Whilst Adey lives in the shadows, Dev chases his dream of a business empire.

Fate, love and circumstance, aided by a dominating Pastor compromised over a Blessing passed down through the firstborn of a family for millennia, have other ideas.

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